Rewind Music Studios is Bloomington's only dedicated Rehearsal Studio! Book Online. Pay online or in Cash. Use our equipment or bring your own!
frequentlyaskedquestions Q. Hey, aren't you guys a venue? A. No. We only did shows our first year. We had some great times and great bands play (Ice Nine Kills, Motionless in White, Thorr-Axe) until there were so many kids here every weekend and bands with trailers blocking became a problem for landlord so we stopped doing shows end of 2010. Q. Well then, you are a recording studio? A. Not anymore. After the venue, we built a studio and recorded Demos for local bands for 5 years until 2016 when we got out da game, so to speak. There was just more demand for Rehearsal space and we would rather focus on providing that for bands the best we can! Q. What is Rewind Records? A. Our record label that was very active in 2012-2015. We released 8 records, most that we recorded in house. We are proud to have made some great records possible at no cost to bands, had some great help from IU and had alot of fun. It eventually just became too much work for too little money with too much going on in business and in life. We still have some of the music available on Bandcamp, let us know if you are looking for something we released! Q. Can you make 50 CDs for my band? A. Absolutely not! We did CD Manufacturing as well but it was a huge undertaking and pretty difficult and extremely time consuming. I recommend DiskMakers for small orders and local champs Bellwether for bigger jobs of vinyl. Q. OK but you are obviously a music store. A. We do offer a decent selection of acoustic guitars under $200. We also have the largest selection of Planet Waves accessories in town. However, we have never had regular business hours for retail, it is meant to be for our bands and students to purchase during their rehearsals. We have a new Self-Checkout system so bands can buy their own strings, pics, snacks, drinks, etc using a Credit Card. Q. Do you offer music lessons? A. Music Lessons have always been a core part of what Rewind is all about. We rent the studio to teachers but do not offer music lessons directly to the public. If you are a teacher and need a great space to teach at, let us know! Q. So my band should just come and practice every week at Rewind? A. Now you are catching on! :) Q. Do we need to bring our own equipment? A. No, we have all the equipment waiting for you! Just bring your picks and sticks! View our equipment list for Studio A and Studio B to see what we have available. You are also welcome to bring whatever equipment you want! Q. Can we book the same day/time every week? A. Yes, we highly recommend booking the same time every week for your band practice. It saves time to not have to call every member each week and see what is available. Bands have more success when they choose a night and stick to it. It is also easier to let family/work know "Hey Tuesday night is band night, I'll be out with the boys!" You can book a recurring schedule using our Online Boooking system. Q. What payment methods do you accept? A. We accept Paypal and Chase Quickpay to You may use your Credit or Debit card through our Online Booking system. You may also leave cash in an envelope for your Rehearsal in our Drop Box! Q. Ok, nobody is here, how do I get in? A. When you book your session online, you will be emailed a unique door code that allows and tracks access to Rewind Music Studios through the front door. It locks automatically when you shut the door but please make sure door is fully shut when you leave! Q. Can I just steal all your stuff? A. Well you could, but it would go bad for you. We have security cameras and keep regular inventory. We know who is here at what times and are alerted digitally when there is motion outside of scheduled time slot. We will also be requiring a Credit Card on file for all new bands because of all the new business we've been getting. We've never had anything stolen and we trust our bands so lets keep it that way! Q. Can you help us work the P.A. system? A. Bands are expected to setup and tear down on there own and we have written instructions for the PA. However, if you have trouble just give us a call and we will walk you through it or come down and help you get setup! Q. I want a soft drink, how do I pay? A. We still have a cup set out for drink and snack purchases but soon we will be using the Self-Checkout for all purchases. We also will be offering a tab for bands to just mark down what they drink during a session and we will charge their card at the end of the month. Q. What if your hypothetical FAQ doesn't answer my actual question? A. Send us an email to and we will get back to you within 1 business day!