Rewind Music Studios is Bloomington's only dedicated Rehearsal Studio! Book Online. Pay online or in Cash. Use our equipment or bring your own!

Rewind offers FREE PARKING to our customers!


We have ONE parking spot in back that you can park TWO cars in, front to back. There is a sign on a post that says:











Parking spot is in alley behind Rewind.









-Going North on Walnut, turn right down alley next to Athena/Caveat Emptor, take small left at alley intersection and parking on right.


-Going West on Kirkwood take right after the CVS


-Going East down 6th, take right at Phoenix Comics


Please Read:

Do not park in the other spots to the left or right of our spot or you could be towed! (not by us, but by other tenants on the block!)


Do not park on the lower level, this is Walnut Street Inn parking and they need it badly!







If you need to park for more than 15 minutes before or after rehearsal, please let us know.


Parking is first come first serve! If you block someone in that you don't know, its probably another band so leave a note or let them know.


Be careful of blind corners in alley and be safe!


Bands booked in Studio B may want to load in through the side door show in picture above. Please make sure the door knob is locked when you leave but DO NOT lock the deadbolt.